Acting à la carte 

SELF TAPE à la carte

  • Self Tape $20 per 30min

  • Edit $15

  • Coaching $15 per 30mins

  • Reader $10 per session

  • Script Analysis $15 per scene

  • Upload $5

ANALYSIS à la carte

  • Scene coaching $20 per 30min

  • Script analysis $20 per 30min

  • Script Analysis Course $300. Let's analyze a full script together! (Message for more details)

DEMO REEL à la carte


 This would include:

  • Pick 3 scenes to show 3 sides of you

  • Script analysis on selected scenes

  • Film the 3 scenes

  • Everything included in the REEL EDIT à la carte (listed below)

  • A 2-3 min DEMO REEL ready to send out to agents, managers and casting directors for your auditions

DEMO REEL EDIT à la carte


 This would include:

  • Phone consultation (if needed )

  • ~60-180min reel

  • Audio cleanup

  • Background soundtrack

  • Title cards/transitions/fades.


LOCATED: by Fairfax and Melrose in Los Angeles

Apart from my own, you can find more examples/samples of demo reels I've edited below.